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Indigenous Spirituality explores the Universal Wisdom in aboriginal mythologies and indigenous spiritualities.


Our aim is to present an independent and objective platform for all those who see every indigenous spirituality as the natural and inevitable quest for balance in every aspect of life, respecting and treasuring the interconnectedness of all creatures, and the spiritual essence that permeates everything.


We recognise every culture and people as indigenous in one place or another: this distinctiveness is a reflection of its place in the 4 dimensions of time and space. What truly unites and enlivens all humanity is the 5th dimension: the universal Spirit within us.


What really matters

What really matters is whether we are conscious that we all originate

from the One Source, and share the same singular universal essence.


If we are genuine in our love for ourselves, our Earth Mother and all her creatures, this love will change us and define us. Because exploring other cultures, spiritualities and traditions in this love will inevitably lead us to discover the common thread that binds them with our own spirituality: the golden thread that will lead us out of the labyrinth of cultural arrogance and ignorance. Then the revelations of the Universal Wisdom in all spiritualities become clear within us, and we perceive and experience the true spiritual essence of all humanity.

Following these insights and inspirations leads us on a journey of discovery about our self, our destiny, and the meaning of life; a journey towards self-knowledge and meaning that resonates with that spark of divine wisdom we discover has always lain within us.

Our aim is to share with you insights and inspirations for this journey

towards the Source of Universal Consciousness, and the joy it brings!

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